Thursday, May 21, 2020

Update on Part II of Tara Reade: Legacy Of Lies

Part II of Tara Reade Legacy Of Lies is definitely on its way. There is a huge amount of material to sort through and decide what is most important to put in the posting. We are without three people at present and at times a fourth so it is taking more time than anticipated. In fact we are discussing the possibility of Part II being completed as two blog postings not just one.

We thank you again for your patience and hope the second piece of this saga will be worth the wait. Our blog writer is improving and another of the authors will be returning on Sunday.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Update On Tara Reade Legacy Of Lies

Evening everyone. We are sorry for the delay but a few Real Life issues have come about for us bloggers. First one of us is in the hospital very seriously ill with coronavirus. That individual's prognosis is not good and we are praying for her. Second a blog member whose name was on the first part received a threatening comment which was turned over to the police. That person is still deciding whether they wish to continue with writing.

Thirdly the son of a third blogger suffered a severe allergic reaction after being stung by a bee. So we are all quite occupied at present. The second part of the Tara Reade Legacy of Lies blog post is being written presently and will be up in a couple of days. We appreciate your patience and hope it will be worth your wait. Thank you once again for all of the interest and commentary. We are greatly pleased by the reaction our posting has received.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Tara Reade: Legacy of Lies ( Part One Background)

Authors: Hedgehog200 and friends.

Tara Reade AKA Alexandra Tara McCabe, Tara Reade Moulton, Alexandra Reade among other aliases has a long history. There is a legacy of lies that she tells regarding her past. Then there is the unvarnished truth regarding this woman who cons, scams and steals from people. Tara Reade has been a flimflammer almost her entire adult life.Where to start with this huge volume of information is the dilemna we have to consider. Another consideration was what to put in and what to leave out for the potential well being of people who know her. We have decided to post all of the material we have obtained in what will be a three part account.

So let's begin at the beginning. Tara Reade was born Tara Reade Moulton on February 26, 1964. Her father was Robert Moulton and her stepmother Sally Ann Moulton. Her mother's name is Jeanette Altimus.

Her father's obituary becomes important because it is one of the occurrences where Ms. Reade is not quite truthful. She exaggerates the facts. In a story from Medium which she authored please see the following. 

Here she states her father was a powerful defense contractor which is not the truth. He was a journalist. He then did public relations management for Honeywell which is a very powerful defense contractor. Seems like a small point but it is part of what becomes a long pattern of deceptions both small and large. It is important in the greater reflection of Ms. Reade's behavior.  This is also the first person she accuses of abuse/harassment that we located. 

The next individual she accuses is her ex. This individual whom she referred to as "Tate" worked for 2 elected officials from the Dakotas. He then started a business which has been highly successful and remains so to this day. This is the second person she has accused of abuse. In 1998 Reade was given a new Social Security number in the ruling of a judge from Washington State. That file is sealed so we can tell you a little but more is forthcoming. We have located the individual she accused and contacted them to see if they wish to tell their side of the story. We have received more information since that time.

Some of the details that we do know are that the individual lives not all that far from Ms. Reade and has for a number of years. That person is was married/is divorced, owns a home and operates a highly successful business. What is interesting however is that the individual started his business in 1995 and it became successful very quickly. Right after success was apparent Tara Reade filed abuse charges against this person Here is the article she wrote. There are also excerpts concerning their relationship. 

They resided together at two addresses and possibly a third. One address destroys a declaration that will be included in Part II of this series of articles. As stated they live not far from one another. For years though Reade is not her legal name, she was in a popular radio show, did numerous articles on animal shelters, etc. Some with her picture. What happened to this life of fear and hiding she was supposedly leading? He could easily have heard her, seen her, located her.  We are unsure of what the truth is concerning anything she has told a court of law. Part II will hold the rest of the verifying information we have concerning this person and how it affects Reade's story. Why? Because we have evidence that she has lied in at least one legal proceeding.

Tara Reade has accused men and women alike of abuse/harassment. Next we have a document showing that she accused a woman named Krystal Rojas of harassment/workplace violence. There is a court record of the situation. Someone on Twitter said that Krystal Rojas' is a sad story and they are right. How she came to be accused of workplace violence/harassment by Ms. Reade is a question the file gives no answer to. But this is another occurrence of  Reade accusing others of violence towards her. This request for a restraining order was vacated. 

Next we have a case which some people believe was legitimate and might be so. But it certainly shows Reade's litigious nature. Several woman from the YWCA accused their supervisors of harassment. One of them was Reade. She stated that her African American supervisor engaged in reverse discrimination and called her 'too white'. There were a couple of stories written regarding the matter. Here are two.

She has also accused her former partner on the Soul Vibes Show Frankie Knight whose real name is Edward Franklin Walker of abusing her. He had an assault complaint against him during the time they lived together but the plaintiff is not listed. There is quite a long case file. If it should go to the search mechanism instead of the case information just enter the name or the case number from the SS below.

The last person we know of that Tara Reade has accused of abuse/assault/harassment is Joe Biden. We will dedicate an entire article to her accusations against him and why we believe they are not credible.

Ms. Reade has set up or had others set up numerous GoFundMe pages seeking money. Most have been unsuccessful fundraising attempts. This is not the most important issue by a long shot but it is part of a pattern.



Reade has repeatedly put up GoFundMe Pages herself and also had others do so for her. The last one above is her daughter just before she fled when the cases of creditors were decided against her in court. She cheated a friend out of money and then had her daughter raise money for her in what was a scam. Carson Marshall who set up the Get Rebecca to safety (Rebecca is Reade) is a friend of Reade's family. Here he is on her brother's Facebook timeline. Michaela McCabe is Gabriela Michaela McCabe Reade's daughter. That's her on her uncle's timeline in the second SS.

Reade tried to use the excuse that these fundraisers aren't her. But only one might not be. The one that says Tara Reade's legal fees is dubious. Why would her brother ask for money for her horse? Why would Carson Marshall and Gabriela McCabe tell a story that is definitely Reade's? She is the beneficiary on more than one of these fundraisers. This is all the signs of a scammer, someone out to make money off the goodhearted charity of others.

As many cases as Tara Reade has brought against other people, many have also been brought against her. Mostly creditors seeking the money she owes them.

First is her one of her college loans for Southwestern Law School.

Then come two banks cases from the same financial institution Synchrony Bank.  Both of these were loans which she defaulted on and were then included in her bankruptcy filings.

Next is one which leads into what could potentially be bankruptcy fraud. She sent the following emails to her landlord Lasjon Marie Blacksher.

There are several points here from the letter which are important. 1.The email portion from Reade states clearly that there is no debt but medical and educational. 2. She is seeking money from a program (Community Action Board) to pay her rent and that in order to receive those funds she CAN NOT have received an eviction action from Blacksher. The latter is the opposite of the truth and she lied to Blacksher. You need to have an eviction notice to receive the funds. Reade just wanted the eviction action dropped. This landlord was included in Reade's bankruptcy filing a short time later. Along with 7 pages of liabilities that she told Blacksher she did not have. If she received CAB money to pay rent exactly what did she do with it? There are questions that require answers. Here are the rest of the court files from Blacksher. She is one defendant among several. Her co debtor in this matter is Edward Walker.

Now we arrive at Tara Reade's bankruptcy filing which was heard in 2012.

In the above email to Lasjon Blacksher Tara Reade stated that she had no liabilities beyond medical bills and educational loans. But to the bankruptcy court she submitted 7 pages of debts. At least two appear to be fraudulent and potentially others. We will not say here which two but the information has been turned over to the appropriate court officers in the jurisdiction the case was heard in for review. Here are those documents.

Reade told Blacksher just a few months before her case was heard that she had no debts such as these. So again where did they all come from? How many are real? How many are fake? Numerous cell phone companies, veterinarians who helped her pets, Grove Market, the car loan from the vehicle she asked someone to hide for her. Lasjon Blacksher whom she lied to. Pizza restaurants, food markets the list is very long of the people she cheated.

The worst we know of at present is her friend from the Pregnant Mare Rescue named Lynn. We are very sorry for what happened to her at the hands of a scammer and a con artist like Reade. It happens far more than people realize. We hope we understand this story correctly. This is what she did to her friend. Reade adopted a horse named Charm from the Pregnant Mare Rescue. She also volunteered there for a time. When Charm needed medical care for it's teeth Reade contacted the Steinbeck County Equine Clinic Inc. to treat the horse at the place it was being boarded. She then had Charm's medical bills sent to the Pregnant Mare Rescue. To the friend who had helped her when she needed it.  She stole from them. See the email she sent to Betty Johnson below where she admits to it in a rage.

 Here she actually threatens journalist Joan Walsh.
 In this last SS you can see how Reade manipulates. This one should have gone first perhaps. Here she is asking Lynn for money. The SS posted here are a study in contrasts. The conning below to get what she wants. Then the threats and vituperativeness  above when the truth about her  actions and life are exposed.

Alexandra McCabe AKA Tara Reade always has an excuse to mitigate her lies, scams, cons and rackets she plays daily. Here is her excuse for said actions.

Tara Reade (Alexandra McCabe)  uses that she is poor, a survivor of domestic violence and a single mother who put herself through college as an excuse for everything she's done. It appears to us she didn't put herself through school, banks did and she did not pay them. She owned pets but did not care for them herself she manipulated a friend into doing so. Then for the rest of the vets on her bankruptcy pages she did not pay them. She was a single mother caring for a young daughter who owed restaurants, housing, food markets and she did not pay them. We all know single mothers. Do they all lie, cheat and steal? Con people? We think not. Most in fact are honest, hardworking women looking to do the best that they can in life. To rise above their circumstances with honor and dignity. Not by swindling, defrauding and grifting money from their friends, neighbors, landlords, local pizza places and food stores.

But Tara Reade is not those women. She is a con artist whose accounts concerning any subject can not be believed. Ms. Reade should be given no credence in anything she claims. What is revealed here is a life long pattern of dishonest, potentially illegal activity. Still, there is some left out and more yet to come, This is only the beginning of Tara Reade's story. Next we will directly address her false accusations against VP Joe Biden. There are many revelations yet to divulge. To be continued.....

**This will be a three part series of articles. This first one is background, The second part will directly address the false accusations against VP Biden with all inconsistencies and documents posted. Part Three will be an expose on the reporters involved in pushing this story and the truth concerning their motivations.